About Us

Why Selectever?

It is just for exploring more details of product usage & fixing your issues.

What we do here?

We research & analyze the online market according to trend. We test lots of products & shortlist the common quires with detailed solution.

Our Article Publishing Steps:

Market research:

In the market latest products are always taking place to the customers’ attention. For market research, we explore Google search trends. We conduct keyword research for finding out the most searched products. Moreover, we utilize social media platforms by researching popular hashtags.

Selecting products:

We always try to select those products which solve a customer’s pain point. We shortlist the available bestseller products on e-commerce platforms. Moreover, our team is an expert in operating popular product research tools for selecting the best products.

Analyzing customer reviews:

Our dedicated review team goes through the latest customer reviews available on e-commerce platforms. Along with positive feedback, we emphasize negative reviews also. We also analyze industry-oriented forums for collecting feedback from the users.


We manually test the features of the products from the manufacturers’ samples.

Identifying user quires & answering with detail guide :

In the market, all the customers are not in the same position. There have different buyer personas with product variation. So, we try to identify user quires, Guides to product add-ons, Guides for after-purchase use, etc.

Do you have any questions?

If you are struggling with your new or used products which is missing on our site, feel free to inform us using our contact page for getting guideline.

Our Team


DAVID (Certified Sleep Science Coach, Content Writer & Editor)

AMANDA (Content Writer)


Kelly (Editor & Content Writer – Kitchen)

ASHTON (Content Writer)