Why Does My Mattress Have a Bubble (Fix Mattress Bulge)

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Why you bought an air mattress? Definitely for your comfortable sleep but it is not expected at all if it causes uncomfortable sleep due to bubble. The unwanted bubble deforms the mattress and makes looking ugly. Many people decide to buy a new mattress because of the bubble problem but you can easily solve this problem if you want. Before fixing the bubble, we need to know why this problem occurs.

What is the reason for Air Mattress Bubble?

An air mattress may have a bubble due to over-inflation, overweight, weak seams, effect of aging, inferior factory bonding processes, low quality raw material etc. So, let’s learn about the details of these problems of mattress.

Reason for Air Mattress Bubble


Over-inflating your air mattress is one of the main causes of air mattress bubble. Excess inflation destroys the shape of the mattress. In addition, if you use the mattress with an extra inflate, you will feel annoyed in your sleep. Over-inflation puts extra pressure on the inner seams of the mattress and makes the seam popped. Bubbles can appear on the mattress in this situation which is very bad to see. So, avoid frequently blowing too much air into your air mattress which is the main cause of mattress bubble.


Each inflatable mattress has a fixed weight capacity. Therefore, you need to be sure about the weight capacity of your mattress so that it does not exceed its capacity. Strains form in the mattress due to excess weight and it weakens the seams. Weak seams mean that the quality of your mattress has deteriorated and as a result bubbles appear in the mattress.

Effect of aging:

As a result of using anything, it becomes old and becomes ineffective and the same rule applies to the air mattresses. Considering that ordinary bedding is suitable for many years of use, it is very common to see bubbles in air mattresses after regular use for about 2 years. Regular use of air mattresses causes its seams to wear out and cause bubble problems. If your air mattress has a bubble due to aging, you will have to patch its seams or replace a new mattress.

Poor Factory Bonding:

If you notice a bubble or bulge in your new air mattress, then it must be due to Poor Factory Bonding. Mattresses in the factory may have been packed in a defective condition sometimes during manufacturing. Good mattress are manufactured using environment friendly  water based adhesives. Since the seams are much more sensitive, it is not always fully tested in the factory. If you have the warranty period and papers, you can send them to the seller for replacement.

Poor-Quality Air Mattresses:

There are many duplicate products available in the market which are sold through attractive offers. Due to the low quality of the raw material of all these products, you may experience bubble or bulge problems within a few days of buying the mattress. So, abstain from buying low-quality cheap mattresses and make sure of the quality during purchase.

How can you fix a Bubble in Your Air Mattress?

fix a Bubble in Your Air Mattress

Get the Mattress Ready:

To fix the air mattress bubble, you must first identify where the problem is. So, in the beginning, you have to remove the sheets, mattress pads, or pillows on top of your mattress. When you identify the bubble, the electric internal pump should not be connected to the electrical outlet in any way.

Deflate the air mattress & apply gentle pressure:

Now you have to completely deflate the air inside the mattress. If your mattress is electric, you can easily deflate through the deflation dial. On the other hand, if there is no electric pump in the mattress, you have to open its nozzle and deflate it manually. If you want to deflate completely manually, you can do it easily by rolling up the mattress. When deflating an air mattress, you need to apply gentle pressure to the bubble so that it returns to normal.

Inflate Your Mattress Again:

Once you are sure that you have got rid of the bubble problem of the mattress, you will have to re-inflate the mattress. If for some reason you see the presence of a bubble again after inflating, then you have to deflate again with gentle pressure and inflate again.


Why is my intex air mattress bulging on one side?

When we sleep, sleeping in the same place every day creates uneven weight distribution. This problem is more common in king-sized mattresses because we often sleep sideways. Many times the mattress slips along with our body due to the mattress not fitting with the bed frame. So, you should fix the cardboard or plywood on the box spring to fit your mattress and then use the mattress.

You can also use it by flipping after a few days to get rid of the intex air mattress bulging on one side.

How much air should be in my air mattress?

You need to know the maximum capacity of your air mattress from the product manual or the manufacturer. Always try to use air up to 90% of the capacity.

Should you deflate an air mattress every day?

If you are afraid that your pet dog or cat will ruin your mattress, you may need to inflate and deflate the air mattress regularly. It is not good to keep the air inside the mattress for a long time, but it is also not good to inflate and deflate it every day.

So, if possible, you can inflate and deflate every few days. It is best to keep the inflated mattress in a safe place at home after daily use.

Is it safe to sleep on air mattress with bubble?

Sleeping on air mattress with big bubble in the middle is not safe for comfortable sleep. Long-term sleeping in a mattress with bubble can lead to back pain and stiffness.

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