Air Mattress Losing Air but no Hole (Air Mattresses Deflate Overnight)

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What if a special guest came to your house & woke up in the morning or you went on an adventure camping tour and woke up in the morning finding your air mattress deflated? Surely, no one should expect deflating mattress after waking up. In this situation, you need to find out if there are any tiny holes or leaks in the mattress. But after a lot of searching, if the air mattress losing air but no hole or leak, then it is a matter of concern.

However, so that you don’t have to worry, I have shared the reasons for deflating the mattress and the experience of using my mattress with its solution through this article. Let’s, first of all, discover the mattress deflating reasons:

Why Does My Air Mattress Keep Deflating Overnight?


In the case of new mattresses, we often notice deflation, but it is not an unexpected deflation. After inflating the mattress, the material inside it stretches out through auto-adjust to reach normal shape. To fix this auto-adjust you need to inflate until it comes in the right shape. However, in this case, it is important to keep in mind that your mattress should not be over-inflated otherwise the mattress could be damaged.

Improper Use:

The manufacturer of the product knows best about a product and for this reason, the product manual is provided with the product. But many of us don’t want to read the manual properly that comes with buying a mattress. This manual explains how to use a mattress to get the best performance. Besides, the manual writes in detail about the inflation, deflation, cleaning, etc. of the mattress so that the mattress can be used well for a long time.

Therefore, due to the ignorance of the manual of Mattress, the usage becomes improper like air mattress bubbles for over inflation. Therefore, you need to read the product guidelines well and follow the proper rules.


Due to the difference in day and night temperatures, the airtight pressure of anything goes down at night. Because the night temperature is lower than the day temperature, the inside of the mattress also works according to the scientific Ideal Gas Law.

During NFL games, NBC Sports follows this Ideal Gas Law theory because the ball pressure decreases at night. The same theory works in the case of mattresses like football. So, we sleep all night and then wake up and discover deflated mattresses. Since the temperature is relatively cold at night, the air inside the mattress becomes thicker and the mattress becomes deflated. An effective tip, in this case, is that you can use an automatic self-inflating air mattress. If you do not have this type of mattress, then you should inflate your mattress just before going to bed.

External Pumps:

Electric or manual external air mattress pumps are used to blow-up the mattress which does not make it 100% airtight. After pumping the air, a small amount of air comes out unexpectedly while detaching it. Therefore, even after pumping the mattress, it becomes deflated due to external pumping.

Unseen Leaks or air loss:

Air mattresses can have the tiniest leaks, but we can detect by paying close attention to leaks at night. However, we may not always do such a thorough analysis of mattress leakage due to busyness. So, if you think your air mattress is leaking or deflating overnight, you need to look very closely to find out the air escaping point. You should also try to cover the top and bottom of your mattress with an airtight cover.

Will an air mattress deflate without a leak?

The extra pressure on your mattress can cause the seams stitching over the time. In case of reputed brand like Intex Air Mattress also keeps deflating without a visible leak due to seams bursting out. So, you should not force on your air bed even it is good one.

How to Prevent Air Mattress from Deflating (Air Mattress Losing Air but no Hole)?

How to Prevent Air Mattress from Deflating

Don’t over-inflate:

Excessive pressure should not be applied to anything and the same rule applies to air mattresses. Over-inflating reduces the shelf life of the mattress. Over-inflating will not make your sleep comfortable.

Deflate Your Mattress after Every Use Too:

We have already discussed that the day and night temperature difference also affect the mattress. So, it is better to deflate the mattress during the day when there is no need to use it.

Avoid jumping on your mattress:

Twin or King Size, any air bed has a specific weight limit. This weight limit or maximum capacity should be mentioned in the manual of your mattress. Also, a mathematical and proven formula for applying pressure is that when pressure is concentrated, its levels are excessive. On the other hand, when the air pressure is decentralized, the amount of pressure is relatively low or there is a balance.

For this reason, heavy people jumping on the mattress or sitting in a corner creates excessive pressure and the mattress becomes loose even if there is no hole. During family tour, you may be on enjoying mood & you may unconsciously sit on your camping air mattress.

Adjust Your Airbed to Room Temperature:

Since the night temperature is a bit colder than the day temperature, you should control the room temperature. You can use an air heater near the mattress to change the temperature.

Allow the Mattress Material to Stretch out after the first time inflating:

Usually, after buying the Mattress, the material inside the Mattress like seams, cells, and other parts takes some time to stretch to its normal position. So after buying, in the initial stage, the mattress should be inflated and left for at least 2 days without any kind of pressure. During that time you should refrain from sleeping on the mattress.

Check Your Surroundings before Inflating:

Before inflating the air bed for putting the air mattress on a bed frame, you must pay attention to the surrounding ground. If there is any kind of sharp object on the ground then it can cause an unwanted pinhole leak or puncture. This puncture may not be visible to you, but it does play a role in deflating the mattress.

Clean Your Mattress Carefully:

You have to be very careful while cleaning the mattress so that it does not leak in any way. You can use a microfiber rag to clean the mattress. Don’t use stiff brush to remove any stubborn stains. Overstretching the seams while cleaning with detergent can damage the mattress. Also, if the mattress is not cleaned regularly, it weakens the lining of the mattress with bacteria or fungus. Besides, if the mattress is not cleaned regularly, a bad smell is created and night sleep becomes unpleasant.

Use Air Mattress with a Dual-Pump System:

Modern mattresses have a Dual-Pump System with an additional pump. This 2nd air pump is usually silent and works whenever there is any kind of air leakage from the mattress. To get this benefit you need to keep the air mattress plugged in all night or use the auto inflate the mattress.

How to Find a Hole & Repair a Leaky Air Mattress?

Can You Repair a Leaky Air Mattress

If it happens in your mattress that it loses air but there are no holes then you need to monitor closely. Now, you may have a common question like how to find a leak in a mattress. If you are lucky you can find the right place by looking or hearing the hissing sound. But if you can’t find the leak alone, you can mix the kitchen dish soap with spray bottled water and apply it to the mattress.

After applying this spray, you need to apply pressure to the mattress and make sure you see no bubbles anywhere. Hopefully, this method will be able to find the leakage in a short time.

The next step is to mark the specified area with ink and apply the patch kit if it is provided by the manufacturer with the mattress. If you do not have a patch kit, you can try silicone sealant to see if the condition improves. Whether. Also, you can use duct tape as a repair kit in the place of leakage but remember to cover a little more space than the specified place with this duct tape.

How do you fix a leaky seam?

Patching a pinhole leak using adhesive can fix air leakage easily but if it is leaking at the seams, it will be somewhat tough. However, you can fix a leaky seam applying a hot glue gun available on amazon. Be careful whenever you use hot glue gun because the metallic body can damage the surface of the mattress if you apply it improperly.

How to Repair Your Intex Air Mattress?

If you accidentally discover a leak in your Mattress, you can use your repair kits to deal with this unwanted situation. The brand has added instruction videos to their YouTube channel for the convenience of their customers.

Repair Your Intex Air Mattress

Intex air mattress troubleshooting (Pump repair):

You can apply a home method to keep the Intex air mattress pump defect-free. Usually, an important part of the pump is the “O-Ring” under the top seal cover which cracks and starts creating problems. You can solve the breakage problem by applying petroleum jelly (buy from amazon) on the cover of this “O-Ring”.

Keep the filter at the pump clean regularly and replace the hoses if they are leaking. If the built-in Intex air mattress pump is damaged, you can contact Intex customer service to repair the valve leak subject to warranty.

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