How To Speed Up Memory Foam Expansion?

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After buying something new for the home, almost everyone is anxious to use it immediately. When buying a memory foam mattress, it is packed in compressed or machine-rolled condition and delivered at home. So, it is not suitable for use until it returns to its shape. Newly purchased memory foam mattress not expanding is a common thing. So, there is no reason to worry about this mattress issue. In the case of various good mattress brands such as Zinus, Nectar, Lucid, Emma, ​​etc., foam rising takes some time.

Why is my memory foam mattress corner not expanding?

In general, how fast a mattress will expand depends in many cases on the size and quality of the mattress. There are several reasons why mattress does not expand quickly. Let’s find out the reasons:

Leaving the Memory Foam Mattress packed in a box for a long time: After buying the mattress and bringing it home, the plastic packaging should be safely removed without keeping it packed in the box for a long time. For taking your mattress out of the box, you need blunt tip scissors & open space for unwrapping the two-step layer of plastic.

Leaving mattress in a cool room: As memory foam contains visco-elastic chemicals, it is temperature-sensitive and takes time to expand at cold temperatures. If you can apply heat to the mattress then this chemical is converted into an instant liquid to help the mattress expand quickly.

Thicker Mattresses or High-Density Toppers: High-density mattresses contain 5 lbs or more per cubic foot foam material which takes time to return to its original shape. This kind of mattress is perfect for people with back pain or who don’t change positions frequently while they sleep.

It needs more time to adjust (Edges expanding): A mattress can take up to 72 hours to expand. So, you will have to wait longer if it does not expand within a few hours of unpacking.

Faulty mattress: If the flat edges and corners of your mattress do not expand even after some time has elapsed, then it should be understood that your mattress is a Faulty mattress. In this case, you should replace mattress in terms of the warranty.

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How to Make Memory Foam Expand Faster?

How to Make Memory Foam Expand Faster?

Put the Mattress on a Clean Flat Surface & Let it Rest for up to 72 hours:

After unpacking your mattress, it should be placed on a clean floor or flat surface. Is it ok to put a memory foam mattress on the floor? Yes, putting a memory foam mattress on the dry floor is ok if you sweep and disinfect the floor to remove dust and other allergens before putting it. Before putting it on the floor, make sure your mattress brand’s (Nectar, Zinus, Emma, Casper, Ikea) warranty. If you are ready to put your mattress on the floor, let it rest for up to 72 hours for returning its natural shape.

Set the room temperature to At Least 20°C (68 °F):

Foam responds to warm temperature easily & faster expansion. If you have cold AC air in your room, then the mattress is more likely to be in a compressed state for a long time. Therefore, a warm temperature is needed to quickly decompress the mattress. You can use a room heater to warm your room. Set the room temperature to at least 20 C (68 ° F). Warm temperatures increase the fluidity of the viscoelastic material used in the mattress & help to soften the foam. Many known brands like Zinus brand recommend heating through a steamer if the edges and corners of the mattress are not extended. You need to make sure that the same spot is not applied for more than 10 seconds. Before you do this, you can check with your Mattress brand to see if it can be applied. Excess steam can create mold by building up moisture in the mattress.

Roll on the Mattress to loosen memory foam up:

In addition to applying warm temperatures, rolling on the mattress to expand the edges and corners of the mattress also increases airflow. If your mattress does not fully expand after 2 or 3 days, you can roll on the mattress for about 30 minutes in different positions. Some people suggest walking on the new mattress but it can cause indentations by creating concentrated pressure.

Ensure Active air circulation and ventilation:

The materials used in the production of a mattress help to make the foam inflate better when it receives active air circulation and ventilation while decompressing the mattress in a new condition. So, the doors and windows of the house should be kept open while unpacking the mattress. You can remove the foam from the box by turning on the electric fan for smooth air circulation.

Return after unpleasant sleep trial (edges of mattress not expanding):

At present, various mattress brands such as Idle, Nectar, Casper, CHITA, etc. offer the opportunity of night sleep trials of different durations to the satisfaction of their customers. It is best to return or replace your mattress if it does not fully expand after trial use. So, you can be sure from your brand how long you are getting a night sleep trial.

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How long does it take for a memory foam mattress to expand?

After unpacking your newly purchased memory foam mattress, you have to give up to 72 hours to expand it to full size. After unpacking to allow Memory Foam to Faster Expand, you should follow some guidelines. These are as like Let it rest upon a Flat Surface, Warm up the room, Loosen the layer of mattress topper, Ventilate the room, and massaging the mattress by rolling on it.

Can you sleep on a mattress before it expands?

Most mattresses usually expand within a few hours. Give your mattress at least 24 hours to expand. If you want to sleep in the mattress before that time, make sure your warranty policy. So, it is better not to sleep on the mattress before it expands.

Does heat help memory foam expand?

All the materials used in the mattress soften the mattress easily when it comes in contact with the heat and the mattress expands quickly. Excessive amounts of heat can be harmful to the mattress and may violate the warranty terms of your mattress.

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