How to Inflate an Air Mattress while Camping?

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Comfortable camping can multiply your joy. Air mattresses are essential for a short break after enjoying the whole day. Have you ever considered that inflating the mattresses in the camping area is a challenging thing? It is normal to have no electric system in your campsite and for this reason, you have to manage some measures to inflate the air mattress in the camp before you go camping.

How you can inflate an air mattress at camping?

Set your camp near an electrical outlet:

For the convenience of your camping, it will be better for you to have an electrical connection near your tent. You can also charge your mobile or cook using an electric stove.

If your air mattress has an electrical air pump system, it is very important to have an electrical outlet to inflate your mattress. So, if you take the extension cord with you when you go camping, you can use it even if the electrical outlet is a bit far away. If for some reason the tent cannot be placed near the electrical outlet, you can inflate the mattress and move it to the tent. In our experience, we have resorted to some alternative measures as we have not been able to get electricity for camping many times, which is discussed in detail below.

High Airflow Foot Pumps:

If you want to save muscle power then Foot Pump is more helpful than a Hand Pump. It is quite popular with backpackers as it is lightweight and portable. Many Mattress brands now offer this along with their products. If your mattress is small in size then it will be easy for you to inflate the air mattress with Foot Pump.

Using a trash bag:

If you do not have any type of pump then a trash bag can be a manual method of inflating your mattress. This way the bigger and stronger your trash bag is, the better.

Unfold the trash bag and fill the bag with air by swooping it in the air for a while and immediately close the open side by hand. Now the part that is closed by hand should be pressed on the air valve so that air cannot escape. Now squeeze the trash bag to create pressure so that the air enters into the mattress through the air valve. After entering the air of the trash bag into the mattress completely, close the cap of the valve. Repeat this same procedure again and again until the mattress is fully inflated.

Your Breath:

If you do not have any options then you need to apply this old-school method of breathing pumping. This method is not recommended as it is time-consuming and labor intensive. In case of breathing pumping, you need to take a break after a while. Inflating the mattress in this way can cause moisture and bacteria to build up inside the mattress. So, after using breathing pumping, you must clean and disinfect your mattress.

How to inflate an air mattress with a hand pump or bike pump?

Clean the area & lay it all out: Before inflating your mattress with a hand pump, you need to clean the area where you want to place the mattress. You need to make sure that there are no sharp objects in the area. The mattress has to be unfolded and laid out well.

Insert the pump inside the mattress valve & Start pumping:

This method will not require any electricity but you will have to work a lot of time because Bike Pump is a low airflow device. The most challenging part of this method is to ensure a good seal between the nozzle and the valve because the valve does not support the bike pump much of the time. In this method, the nozzle has to be sealed well with duct tape to inflate the air mattress. The task will be easier if you have a partner with you to inflate the mattress with the bike pump if your partner can control the bike pump nozzle and the air valve while you are pumping.

Close the Valve:

If the result of your hand pumping is satisfactory, then close the valve immediately as air cannot escape from the mattress.

How to inflate an air mattress with a built-in pump without electricity?

Battery Powered Pump:

Compact and Portable Design Battery Powered Pumps are available in the market considering the convenience of backpackers and campers. There are 1300mAh to 6000mAh battery rechargeable pumps in the market that can fully inflate a medium-size air mattress in about 2/3 minutes. These pumps also have deflators that can reduce your workload. The modern Battery Powered Pump has a variety of vacuum nozzle points that can do multitasking. Before you buy it, you can be sure that it has a Type C port and IPX4 Waterproof facility.

If for some reason your battery-powered pump runs out of charge, then the work can be done with a 12V plug for your car battery. In this case, you need to place your mattress near your car.

Solar Battery Chargers:

If your camping spot does not have an electrical connection, you can use Solar Battery Charger for your air mattress pump. If you want to charge a 12-volt battery, you can use a 300w solar panel. This type of battery can take 5 – 8 hours to charge.

Are self-inflating camping sleeping pads any good?

You can use self-inflating camping sleeping pads as an alternative to an air mattress if you want to keep yourself free from the worries of electricity or pumping for sleeping in camping.

Why is my air mattress not inflating?

One of the reasons why it may not inflate even after you pump your mattress is that there is an inconsistency in the tight seal around its valve. If you can be sure that the tight seal around the valve is working properly then you should check around your pump to see if the air is coming out of it.

Are all air mattress pumps universal?

Universal nozzles are used in all modern air mattress pumps to be compatible with different mattress brands. Good quality air mattress pumps have at least 4 types of nozzles.

What kind of batteries do air mattress pumps take?

The Intex Quick-Fill™ Battery Air Pump operates on 6 C batteries.

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