How to Cut a Memory Foam Mattress?

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If you want to use your old memory foam mattress for re-purpose, you need to cut it perfectly. Since we do not have to cut foam regularly, we are more likely to make mistakes when it comes to cutting. This article is written so that you can easily give a new dimension to your memory foam mattress perfectly.

You need to know the idea of ​​how to use foam as a re-purpose. Also, before cutting the foam, you need to know what tools you have in your collection. Let’s learn the detailed way to cut the memory foam mattress.

Why Cut Memory Foam Mattresses and Mattress Toppers?

  • If the mattress is bigger than the bed frame, in this case, the mattress is not adjusted to the bed frame. So, both are likely to be damaged and for this reason memory foam has to be cut.
  • Many people have to use custom size memory foam for crafting such as sculpture, 3D sign letters, etc.
  • For the comfortable rest of your pets, you may need to use memory foam.
  • Many people reuse memory foam to use as makeshift pillows, seat cushions, mats, etc.
  • Some cut the king-sized mattress to use in separate single-size beds.
  • Some beds are made in custom structures for which the mattress of the regular structure is not suitable.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses have to be cut to bring them into a custom shape for use in unusual areas such as inside a boat or the back of a van.

What tool should I use to cut memory foam?

Seam ripper: If the cover of your mattress cannot be removed for any reason then you need to use a seam ripper.

Measuring tape: You must use a measuring tape to ensure the size of the mattress you want.

Drywall Square or Hardboard: For cutting mattresses, it requires a steady hand. So, it can be used to maintain a straight line.

Marking Pen: You have to mark with a marking pen to keep your measurements accurate so you need to use a good quality marking pen.

Sewing kit: After cutting your mattress to your convenient size, it is better to use it and tailor it with a sewing kit to adjust the mattress cover to a new size for safety.

Cutting foam with an electric knife:

First, unzip the cover of the memory foam and leave the cover to reuse or resize. If it does not have a zipper system, remove the cover using a seam ripper or scissors.

Now mark with a marking pen using a ruler or measuring tape according to your desired dimensions i.e. height, width, and depth.

Now hold the electric knife at a 90-degree angle from one end of the foam to the front along the line. Do not put extra pressure on the foam when cutting with a knife. Extra pressure can cause the foam to warp and the foam to cut incorrectly.

How to cut memory foam horizontally?

If you want to make the memory foam mattress thinner then you have to cut the memory foam horizontally where you have to keep your hands firm enough. If you rush to cut the foam horizontally, it is likely to be damaged.

Cutting memory foam horizontally with saw:

First you need to peel off the mattress sheet from the memory foam mattress and place it on a large cloth so that the house does not get dirty later. Hold the top position of the mattress in a good manner so that it does not move while cutting. On the other hand, you should refrain from applying too much pressure. Now you have to cut it precisely with a long horizontal saw in the place measured beforehand. If you have no previous experience, it is better not to use an electric saw. It can be out of control, there is a possibility of injury on your hand and damage to the mattress also.

Cutting memory foam horizontally with hot wire:

If you have to cut memory foam regularly then you can follow this method as it requires a lot of space and risk. If you cannot process the memory foam properly, it may melt/shrink far beyond the desired location. The hot wire is usually used to cut large size high-density foam mattresses horizontally. If you are thinking of creating a DIY hot wire project, you need to manage some tools and supplies. Tools and Supplies like Utility knife, Drill, Screwdriver, Electrical tape, Multi-tester, electric guitar string, and Wrench, etc. are readily available.

Different types of memory foam density levels:

Low Density: Maximum guest beds which are used less frequently weigh 3 or fewer pounds per cubic foot. Such mattresses are better in terms of the low price range but their shelf life is comparatively low.

Medium Density: If you are higher than average body weight, you should use more than five lbs. /ft³ density foam. A medium-density rating memory foam weights of 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot which is not too firm or heavy.

High Density: Mattresses with 6 or more pounds per cubic foot offer pressure support & better circulation. Such kind of high-density foams are costly but it lasts for a long time.

Is it safe to cut memory foam?

Cutting memory foam is safe but in that case you need to cut gently with extra caution and slow patience. You need to have all the tools you need and know how to use them properly.

Can you cut the corner off a mattress?

Yes, you can cut the corner off a mattress specially in case of RV mattress. When you need custom camper mattress sizes, you need to cut the corner off. Proper cutting of a memory foam mattress corner ensures proper fit on rv.

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