Can you Put an Air Mattress on a Bed Frame?

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Air mattress that’s inflated with air is an easy solution for instant use like guest’s bedding or camping sleeping. Since it is a portable mattress, it is widely used during adventure travel. So, generally, this is used directly on the floor for instant bedding. The air mattresses are made with PVC or polyvinyl chloride but modern mattresses are being updated with rubber or urethane plastic.

Why you should not place an air mattress on a bed frame?

It is not safe to put an air mattress on a standard or regular wooden or metallic bed frame. There are three to five slats for supporting the regular bed frame. For this reason, an air mattress tends to slide or move around if it is put on a traditional bed frame.

Due to the gap between the slats of the regular bed, if you lay down on the air mattress, the mattress will sink in that gap. Sleeping on the mattress in this situation will not be comfortable and the mattress may leak or tear.

So, Can I put an air mattress on a bed frame? The straightforward answer is no, you can’t put an air mattress on a bed frame.

However, you can use but you must need some arrangements for making the mattress position firm. Below, we have mentioned some convenient options for making your air mattress suitable to use on a bed frame.

What should you consider before putting the air mattress on a bed frame?

Using plywood: Use plywood that’s the same size as your bed frame and mattress as it can adjust properly. Plywood should always be 3 to 4 inches thick so that it is strong and fixed. Many times air mattress punctures due to having a splinter in plywood. So, to protect your air mattress from sticking to the sharp corners of the plywood, make sure that there is no type of splinter in plywood. For, extra safety you can use a thick blanket or tarp over the surface of the plywood.

Sleeping on the mattress naturally loses the heat inside the air in the mattress. Plywood acts as a kind of insulator so that body temperature cannot flow to the floor after sleeping at night. This is why using plywood keeps the body warm on a winter night and makes sleep comfortable.

Use Some Velcro Strips: You can use heavy-duty Velcro strips to protect your mattress from sliding around the bed. It will work as an adhesive hook-and-loop material and will hold your mattress in a firm position. This type of item is usually found in craft or fabric stores.

Position the Bed Frame near a Wall: If your bed position is attached to the wall then your air mattress gets support. So, if you can set the bed in any corner of the room, it can be supported with at least two walls. In such a situation the air mattress set on your bed can overcome the slipping problem.

Put an Airbed on a Rug: A type of thin carpet that is used under the mattress to ensure the firmness of the mattress. Using it under the mattress will make your mattress long-lasting.

How to Raise an Air Mattress off The Floor?

How to Raise an Air Mattress off The Floor?

Use an extra mattress topper under the mattress: A mattress topper is usually used on top of the mattress, but if you do not have the opportunity to set the air mattress on the bed frame, you can use it by placing it under the mattress. If you use any topper under the air mattress, it must be firm & dense so that the weight distribution is perfect.

Using a box spring on top of a frame: If you find plywood expensive, you can use a box spring as an alternative. This box spring also acts as a kind of insulator that can be used for good results on winter nights. The box spring should be covered with non-invasive material such as tarp so that the air mattress is not punctured with spring.

Ready-Made Frames: These are now available in the market for the convenience of using an air mattress. These ready-made air mattress bed frames are designed with body safety in mind.

Why are mattresses raised off the ground?

  • Raising mattresses is very beneficial to get protection from dirt or germs in the ground. This will keep your mattress hygiene and will not require regular cleaning.
  • In the case of tent camping, it is more comfortable to stay in the cot than to stay on the floor. In the same way, if the mattress is raised off as an elevated sleeping surface, it feels comfortable.
  • Sleeping on an elevated air mattress will give you adequate posture support. Poor sleeping posture will ruin your night’s sleep and increase back pain or injury in the body.
  • No creepy crawlies on the floor can disturb if the mattress is raised.
  • An elevated air mattress will keep the floor safe from any sharp objects like pins, needles, etc. It will prolong the life expectancy of the mattress.
  • If you raise the mattress, it will reduce the level of overnight deflation as it is isolated from the cold floor.


Is it bad to sleep on an air mattress every night?

It is not good to sleep on an air mattress every night because it cannot provide support like a regular standard mattress. Daily long-term sleeping on an air mattress can lead to back pain and stiffness which will result in spine misalignment.

Can you put an air mattress on top of a regular mattress?

Yes, you can use an air mattress on top of a regular mattress. It will work as a mattress topper for your regular mattress.

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