Belgian Waffle Maker vs Regular

If you are a lover of waffles then you must know the variation of Belgian waffle vs regular waffle maker as these two taste different. You can have a preference one upon another if you need a certain texture or taste in waffles.

History of the regular waffles

The regular waffle maker is thought to be introduced in the late 14th century that went with different versions and styles according to the culture of different countries. According to popular food historians, waffles became popular in ancient Greece which was like flat cake roasted between two metal plates.

Later in Medieval Europe, waffles were served in the Catholic Churches. Since the minimalists used only flour and water in making waffles, the gourmand people started adding eggs, milk, and honey in making waffles. In 1911, Thomas J. Stackbeck created commercial electric waffle iron which became a popular kitchen gear in America.

History of the Belgian Waffles

On the other hand, Belgian waffle makers were introduced in 1962 in Brussels. Belgian native Maurice Vermersch and his family presented waffles at the World’s Fair in Queens, New York from 1964 to 1965 and it received a wide response. They have since renamed it Brussels waffles to Belgian waffles. Since it was sold as a type of street food at the fair, it was served empty-handed instead of forks and knives. Nowadays these Belgian waffles are made in waffle iron-like pancakes with a crispy outside and airy on the inside.

Regular waffle maker

Classic Waffle Maker

Different countries make regular waffles in different ways. The preference also may vary but the main concept is the same. It has a shallow surface in the maker and the waffles come out with a thin and less fluffy view.

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Belgian waffle maker

Belgian Waffle Maker

Belgian waffle maker vs regular has deeper and nice pockets that can be filled with a larger amount of liquid and solid toppers. The deeper pockets all over can hold more honey, butter, fruits, cheese, etc than a regular waffle maker. You can enjoy different toppers on the same waffle maker from this. The shape that contains various toppers, limited to a square shape.

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You may wonder that what are the major differences are there in these two types of waffles? These are


Regular waffles are made from flour which is mixed with baking powder to inflate slightly. The recipe for Belgian waffles includes yeast instead of baking powder.


Because of the baking powder, the texture of waffles gets just like a cake that is flatter and thick. On the other hand, the Belgian waffle becomes lighter and fluffier.


The regular waffle has not deeper grooves, these are small. Belgian waffles have deep grooves. The difference in the texture and taste between the Belgian and regular two occur because of the engraving of the makers in two different ways. Let’s draw the picture of both waffle makers.

Belgian waffle maker vs regular

You are here to know about your favorite food-making process and take the decision to choose a Teflon-Free waffle maker. We can help you explain the differences in terms of several points-

Texture of waffles

In a Belgium waffle maker, as you know the ingredients are different. Yeast is used at the place of baking powder. So, it cooks the waffle thicker than that of Belgium ones. Yeast helps to make the waffles fluffier, richer and dense. Additionally, in a Belgium waffle maker, you can have a crispy and inflated waffle.

In a regular maker, the texture of the waffles becomes as cake and thinner as baking powder is used, you can add eggs too to increase the fluffiness and improve the taste.


The Belgian waffle makers have the deep grooves that show out in the waffle itself. As the ingredients of Belgium waffle include yeast so it needs space to grow in. The grooves help to hold more toppings like honey, syrup, fruits, etc than regular ones. You can design with a variety of toppings of your choice.

But smaller grooves don’t mean that you can’t design properly, it just means the number of toppings.


For the bigger groovers, Belgian waffles makers have a larger size than the regular waffle maker. You can check that the Belgian waffle makers fill lots of space in the plate when you serve it. On the other hand, regular waffle makers are in regular size and you can find it difficult to cook more if you have a bigger family. So take the family members’ count into an account before choosing the right waffle maker.

Shape and design

It is quite difficult for Belgian waffle makers to produce a variety of shapes as all shapes can’t hold the bigger grooves. So we can see there are very limited shapes and designs mostly triangle and rectangular shapes. Regular waffle makers can produce every shape like square, round waffle, heart waffle including some cartoon characters too but rare. So you can choose from a wide range if you have kids in the house.

Cooking process

Both cooking processes are similar. But in the Belgian waffle maker, after pouring the batter in the maker you have to flip it to the opposite position and then flip it back to scatter the batter inside the grooves on both sides perfectly. In regular makers, this process doesn’t need to be run.


As the yeast is an ingredient for Belgian waffle so, the Belgian waffle maker necessarily has a timer to check upon the texture and color of the waffle. Regular waffle makers may not have the timer to monitor. It just turns off once after cooking.


Simply, as the Belgian waffle maker is large, so it needs a spacious place to store the maker. On the other side, the regular waffles makers don’t take much space for their regular size.

Energy consumption

Research shows that Belgium waffle maker consumes more power than that of a regular one, though both makers use two methods of cooking like thermostat and timer. The thermostat includes several temperature settings and times includes a single temperature. But most regular waffle makers


Belgium waffle makers are used for just waffles making, for the design, setting of power, and the cooking process you can’t make any other recipe except waffles. But in a regular waffle maker, you can cook an egg, sandwich, grill, etc besides the waffle.


Belgian waffles makers are costlier than regular waffle makers because of the functions that apply to them. The functions of flipping and timer make it costlier than that of a regular waffle maker.


Can regular waffles be made in a Belgian waffle maker?

You can do it but you will not get up to the mark result. Actually, in the regular waffle maker, the Belgian waffles will look like regular and the regular waffles will not be perfect in a Belgian waffle maker. If you want to get the ultimate result, you need a dedicated waffle maker whether it is a regular waffle or a Belgian waffle.

Is Belgian waffle mix the same as pancake mix?

Belgian waffles and pancakes look different, but they need common ingredients like eggs, milk, and flour. So, if you want to make a Belgian waffle, you can use pancake mix with some extra ingredients.

Final Verdict

This whole content shows the difference between Belgian and regular waffle makers with its functions and the results of waffle cooked. There are not the matters of only good or bad. Both makers are special and good in selective matters. For a bigger family and who like fluffy waffle can choose the Belgian waffle maker. Flatten and thick waffles are the outcome of regular waffle makers, which are very general and fit for regular waffle lovers.

Have a healthy breakfast with your favorite toppings.

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